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Disinfecting and Sanitizing in Calgary and Edmonton

Clorox® Total 360® System helps you keep your Calgary and Edmonton facilities healthy while saving time, money, and labor. With its innovative electrostatic sprayer and the patented PowerWrap™ nozzle, it delivers trusted Clorox solutions to the front, back, and sides of surfaces. It is eligible for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, based on the EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogen Policy. 

Abco Maintenance Systems Inc aims to protect your facilities in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas. With a revolutionary system that helps reduce pathogens like never before, Clorox® Total 360® System pairs an innovative electrostatic sprayer with Total 360® Disinfectant Cleaner, Spore Defense™ Cleaner Disinfectant or Anywhere® Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray to deliver superior coverage in an efficient, cost-effective way. The system uses 65% less solution,* works 75% faster*† and covers 18,000 square feet per hour.

Ramp Up Your Disinfecting & Sanitation Efforts With Abco Maintenance Systems Inc

Inaccessible areas, such as underside or backside of surfaces, are likely to have germs, viruses, and even mould, flourishing unnoticed. Thanks to electrostatic technology enabled Clorox® Total 360® System, you get effective cleaning results even in those hard-to-reach places in your healthcare facility. When combined with Total 360® Disinfectant Cleaner, the benefits are amplified.

  • Elimination of 99.9% of bacteria in just a few seconds.

  • Effective results for up to 44 organism claims (it kills viruses causing flu and common cold as well as MRSA and norovirus) within 2 minutes.

  • A one-step disinfecting process.

  • Low odour and broad-surface compatibility, meaning the solution can be used throughout the facility.

  • Suitable for sanitizing even your soft surfaces.

  • No new growth of mould and mildew for about 7 days after application.

When the system is equipped with the advanced Clorox Healthcare® Spore Defense™ Cleaner Disinfectant, you enjoy even more advantages.

  • Elimination of C. difficile infection in 5 minutes and 38 additional bacteria, viruses, and fungi in 1 minute.

  • Compatible on virtually all surfaces in any healthcare facility.

  • Low odour with no added fragrance.

  • A one-step cleaner disinfectant and ready-to-use.

In combination with Clorox® Anywhere® Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray, Clorox® Total 360® system can:

  • Destroy 99.9% of bacteria on virtually any hard, nonporous surfaces, disinfecting them in just 1 minute (2 minutes for hard, nonporous food contact surfaces)

  • Improve air quality by eliminating odours

  • Eliminate odour-causing bacteria

Clorox® Total 360® System

Clorox® Total 360® System for Calgary and Edmonton Facilities

 Get in touch with us to learn more about Clorox® Total 360® System, a revolutionary technology that gives you a safe environment during this pandemic.

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